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Most workplace injuries are covered under workers’ compensation insurance. However, some workplace accidents are caused by a person other than an employer, coworker or manager, possibly allowing for compensation in addition to workers’ compensation benefits.

This situation could involve a motor vehicle accident during a delivery, errand or another duty performed outside the workplace, or a traffic accident while driving or occupying a company vehicle.

Did the injuries you sustained put you in a hospital, sidelined you from your job and saddled you with financial burdens you never thought were possible? For workplace-related third-party claims, contact me at my law office, Troy A. Lanier, P.C.

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With 30-plus years of experience as a lawyer, I will protect your rights, health and finances from further challenge. I will work with your workers’ compensation attorney, and I can advise on appropriate health care measures, investigate your workplace accident, pinpoint the negligent party, and both negotiate and litigate in your best interests.

Situations that may involve third-party legal actions include:

  • Equipment and mechanical malfunctions
  • Motor vehicle accidents while on the job
  • Product defects and malfunctions
  • Power tool failures causing serious injury
  • Scaffolding and ladder collapses

The bottom line is this: if your injuries or a coworker’s wrongful death occurred because of negligence, or a clear failure to comply with health, safety or common industry standards, a third-party claim can provide compensation for medical costs, lost income, and your pain and suffering.

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