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Standing Up For Bicyclists And Pedestrians

No segment of our society is more vulnerable to serious injuries in accidents than bicyclists and pedestrians. Were you or your family member injured while riding a bike or walking near an intersection? Has a relative died because a careless motorist struck him or her during a midday stroll, morning jog or bike ride? To receive the maximum financial compensation you deserve, contact Troy A. Lanier – an accident lawyer who knows how to investigate, negotiate and litigate with equal proficiency.

Helping Victims Recover Compensation

I have worked with clients in Augusta and across the state of Georgia. During the 30-plus years of handling bicycle and pedestrian accident cases, I have seen firsthand how these accidents can kill, maim, disfigure and disable people. I have extensive experience with cases against careless, reckless, distracted and drunk drivers.

I offer aggressive advocacy for you at a trying time in your life. I work hard to recover your hospital expenses, costs of continuing therapy and lost income, as well as compensation for emotional trauma, and physical pain and suffering.

Fighting For You

These attentive services come to you strictly on a contingency fee basis, meaning that you owe no attorney fees unless I win your case. Your initial consultation is likewise free of charge. Call to schedule yours today: 706-550-1941. Your email message will be replied to promptly.