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What is the point of a wrongful death lawsuit?

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What is the point of a wrongful death lawsuit?

by | Oct 24, 2022 | Wrongful Death

It is normal for those experiencing intense grief to withdraw from social interactions. The idea of going on with your life after losing a spouse, parent or child as though nothing happened can break your heart all over again.

If the grief is still fresh, going to civil court to litigate the circumstances related to your loved one’s death might seem like rubbing salt in the metaphorical wound of your loss. Many people question the value of pursuing a wrongful death lawsuit after someone dies, but the laws allowing for such lawsuits exist for a reason.

Tragic circumstances sometimes lead to the right to file a civil claim against an individual or business. Georgia state law allows for wrongful death lawsuits when there is a fatality related to negligence or misconduct, which means illegal actions. What is the point of filing a lawsuit against a person or business causes your loved one’s death?

Protect your family financially

An unexpected death will have a major and immediate impact on your entire family. You will lose a source of income and the household contributions provided by the person who died. You will also have numerous expenses to cover, including funeral costs and any medical expenses incurred by your loved one.

Instead of needing to find ways to cover those costs myself, you can ask the courts to award you compensation for the provable financial losses you suffer.

Securing justice and closure

One of the biggest benefits of a wrongful death lawsuit is the sense of closure you can give your family. Especially if the courts did not bring criminal charges against the party that caused your family’s recent loss, a ruling in civil court declaring the other party responsible could give you closure and help you heal.

Obviously, neither a ruling by a judge nor a financial award will bring your loved one back or undo the harm caused to your family through the actions or negligence of someone else. However, a wrongful death lawsuit brought in accordance with Georgia personal injury laws can make it easier for your family to heal and to avoid lasting financial consequences related to your loss.

Learning more about wrongful death lawsuits could help you determine if one is the right solution in your situation.